From Soil to Style

From Soil to Style

Let me take you back to a rainy Tuesday morning in February when I was working my way through our inbox. It was full of the usual emails asking advice about using our products, international shipping queries and the odd sales email from yet another company claiming to supply the best coco in India. But in amongst this was an enquiry from the visual merchandiser at none other than iconic fashion brand Vivienne Westwood! They had an idea to turn their store windows into mini greenhouses and were asking for our help. Obviously, we were stoked to get asked and super keen to find out more.

For those of you who don’t know, Vivienne Westwood is renowned as both a fashion brand and an influential figure in the industry. Vivienne Westwood embodies a distinct rebel spirit that has left an indelible mark on the fashion world. Founded by the British designer of the same name, the Vivienne Westwood brand embraces a bold, avant-garde aesthetic that challenges conventional norms and pushes boundaries. In addition, Vivienne Westwood have long been recognized as a pioneer in sustainable fashion, championing ethical practices and raising awareness about environmental issues.

They reached out to us for help with their Spring-Summer 2023 campaign, Born to Rewild. The plan was to grow a selection of indigenous seeds and plug plants, chosen for their seasonality, smell and texture in their store windows. The displays would need to last for 16 weeks, and all the upkeep and maintenance was to be managed by the store staff themselves.

Vivienne Westwood needed a soil that would maintain luscious, growth over the course of the campaign, with minimal effort required from the stores. They needed a soil that was sourced locally using the best ecological inputs, all wrapped up in fully recyclable packaging, from an eco-friendly brand. They needed Ecothrive & Indoor Organics Eco-Life.

Eco-Life, is an organic, nutrient-rich blend specifically designed for optimal plant growth. It harnesses the power of beneficial microbes and other natural components to create a thriving environment for plants. Vivienne Westwood’s decision to utilise our Eco-Life organic living soil showcases their preference for natural and sustainable materials, reinforcing their ethos of embracing nature rather than exploiting it.

The use of Eco-Life soil in Vivienne Westwood’s shop displays goes beyond environmental benefits. The vibrant greenery, lush foliage, and healthy plants created by Eco-Life elevate the aesthetic appeal of the stores, creating a visually stunning and inviting atmosphere for customers. By incorporating living elements into their displays, Vivienne Westwood establishes a harmonious connection between fashion, nature, and sustainability.

If you would like to see the displays for yourself this summer, you can find all the store locations here.

What Vivienne Westwood has to say about their “Born to rewild” campaign…

A small excerpt from the SS23 collection 

Rewilding offers hope for the conservation of our planet and its natural wildlife. It embraces the role of people and their cultural and economic connections to the land. In a progressive approach to conservation, we aim to support the repair of damaged ecosystems, along with the restoration of degraded landscapes. To let nature take care of itself – and enable natural processes to shape both land and sea.   

Echoing the theme of our Spring-Summer 2023 collection, Born to Rewild, we have transformed the window displays of our flagship stores into propagation houses for indigenous plants. Inspired by the location of our photoshoot for this collection, which was shot in the suburbs of Paris, around the high rises of the 20th arrondissement, we have used an urban-inspired environment as our backdrop. Influenced by the work of minimalist artist Carl Andre, the base of the display is composed of bricks laid out on the floor in various patterns, reminding us of the foundations of garden landscaping. Each shop is using a local variant of brick, giving each display its own site-specific character.

This project is part of a wider effort to support Rewilding Britain. Their vision is to see rewilding flourishing across Britain, reconnecting us with the natural world, sustaining communities and tackling the species extinction crisis and climate emergency. 

Rewilding Britain are bringing about real environmental change, which is taking ambitious action for nature across 30% of Britain by 2030. In influencing decision makers, they seek to raise awareness and to upscale rewilding efforts on land and at sea. Being part of the Global Rewilding Alliance, the aim remains to create positive change worldwide.”


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