Blumat Blusoak Systems

Blusoak is the perfect solution for bigger gardens with large canopy areas that want to utilise Blumat technology.  Blusoak Drip Tape systems are ideal for living soil fabric beds, garden beds, and other large volumes of soil or growing media.

Blusoak Drip Tape is used on the surface of the soil to provide effective irrigation with an even distribution. It is a cost-effective component to extend the watering ability and distribution of each Tropf Blumat sensor.


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Blusoak Drip Tape 1m
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Blusoak Pot KitsBlusoak Pot Kits
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Blusoak Bed KitsBlusoak Bed Kits
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Blusoak to Blumat 3mm Adaptor
Blusoak Peg
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Blusoak Tape Starter 8mm
Blusoak Tape Starter 8mm Sale price£0.90