Blusoak Bed Kits

Size: 2'x4' Bed Kit
Sale price£29.99

These handy kit packs contain the Blumat and Blusoak parts you need to for automated watering of beds. Ideal for large gardens, simply buy the amount of kit packs you need for your garden or grow room.

At the heart of these Blusoak Kits are the Tropf-Blumat sensors, these constantly monitor and replenish the moisture in your soil as and when the plants need it. Blumat sensors do this automatically, maintaining a tight moisture range without allowing a wet-dry cycle, this is hugely beneficial not only to health of your plants, but also to the microbial life in the soil. 

To create an even distribution of water over the soil surface, these kits use the Blusoak Drip Tape. Set up in a coil over the soil surface, this drip tape extends the watering capacity of Tropf-Blumat sensors on their own, making an even more cost-effective way to use Blumat for your irrigation.  

Blusoak Kits are perfect for organic growers using living soil.

How to Use

Blusoak drip tape must be used in a system with constant low pressure. The ideal pressure in the system is 0.5 bar. This is best achieved using mains water pressure, or by using the Blumat Pump Kit. Gravity driven Blusoak systems are possible if you can achieve 2m of head height.  

Other items you may need

  • Blumat Pump System
  • 8mm Supply Tube to connect your water source to your Blumats. (Essential)
  • 8mm inline valve, one to turn off the water supply if needed positioned between the first sensor and the reservoir, and one at the end of the line after the last sensor to bleed the system of air or water if required (better than a stop end). (Essential)
  • 8mm Fittings such as tee's and elbows for a tidy installation. (Essential)
  • Blumat Digital to dial in the moisture level of the soil. (Optional, but highly recommended)