Our Passion is Real!

The Roots of Ecothrive

Ecothrive sprouted in 2013 when our founder, Gareth, returned to the UK after spending time with leading growers along the west coast of Canada and the United States. Reconnecting with organic growers back home, he saw an exciting opportunity to share innovative ideas and practices to elevate the UK's organic growing scene to new heights.

Keen to spread knowledge and promote sustainable growing practices, Gareth noticed a hunger for understanding the fundamentals of soil health and a need for premium organic products to enhance soil microbiology. As a former worm farmer and professional greenhouse grower, he knew his clear purpose: to develop a revolutionary insect frass biostimulant, “Charge.” Growers loved it. Plants loved it. This was just the beginning…

Ecothrive Today 

We are not just passionate about growing; we are passionate about growing organically
and sustainably. Our unique product catalogue spans meticulously crafted living soil mixes
to recycled, breathable fabric pots and beds, all designed to nurture plants naturally. While
we believe strongly in organic principles, we understand each growing situation is unique.
We thoughtfully offer both organic and conventional mineral-based solutions to meet each
grower’s needs and environment.

Leading the Way in Living Soil Research

Ecothrive is a pioneer in living soil research and development in the UK. Our living soil provides an ideal medium for establishing a thriving microbial ecosystem. Where our soil truly stands apart is the meticulous consideration for nutrient content and cation balance. This
allows growers to adopt a natural cultivation approach that enhances both yield and quality.

The Choice is Yours: Soil or Coco Coir

We offer biodiverse organic soils and unique coco-coir based potting mixes, enriched with
our flagship insect frass supplement, Charge. This gives growers the flexibility to choose
their preferred cultivation method while experiencing remarkable plant vitality.

Empowering Growers Through Education

Our commitment to grower empowerment extends beyond products. We offer free, resources including our blog to help folks understand the basics of soil science, composting, soil fertility, coco coir best practice and more. By providing accessible educational materials, we aim to equip growers with the skills and knowledge they need to maximise their gardens’ potential.

Towards a Sustainable Future

We aim to shift the growing community towards practices that emphasise reuse, waste
reduction and environmental awareness. Adopting these practices not only benefits the
planet but also enhances the quality and yield of your produce.

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