Blumat Drip Systems

Fully automated watering

While many irrigation systems rely on timers and the guesswork of growers to determine when to water and how much, Tropf Blumat sensors do this automatically, maintaining a tight moisture range without allowing a wet-dry cycle. This is hugely beneficial not only to the health of your plants but also to the microbial life in the soil. Blumat Sensors are perfect for organic growers using living soil.

  • Automatically waters the soil only when needed.
  • Easily to install
  • Great value for money
  • Perfect for small or large set-ups
  • Silent running
  • Ideal for use both indoors and outside.


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Blumat Drip System KitsBlumat Drip System Kits
Blumat Drip System Kits Sale priceFrom £9.99
Blumat Tank Connector 8mm
Blumat Tank Connector 8mm Sale price£3.00
Blumat Drip System Tubing
Blumat Drip System Tubing Sale priceFrom £0.99
3mm Connectors3mm Connectors
3mm Connectors Sale priceFrom £0.15
8mm Connectors8mm Connectors
8mm Connectors Sale price£0.70
Blumat 8mm System TubingBlumat 8mm System Tubing
Blumat 8mm System Tubing Sale priceFrom £0.99
Blumat Distribution DrippersBlumat Distribution Drippers
Blumat Hole Corer
Blumat Hole Corer Sale price£8.00
Blumat Shut-Off Valve 8mm
Blumat Shut-Off Valve 8mm Sale price£3.50
Blumat Pressure ReducersBlumat Pressure Reducers
Blumat Pressure Reducers Sale price£30.00
Blumat Dripper Support Stake
Tropf BlumatTropf Blumat
Tropf Blumat Sale priceFrom £3.99