Blumat Distribution Drippers

Component: Blumat Distribution Inline Dripper
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These Distribution Drippers extend the watering capacity of the Trop-Blumat sensors on their own, while also creating an even distribution of water over the soil surface.

Why distribution drippers?

One Tropf-Blumat alone can water a circular area around 20-25cm in diameter. When growing in larger pots, the best way to extend the surface area a Tropf-Blumat sensor can water is using these distribution drippers. 

One Tropf-Blumat can be connected up to 5 of these distribution drippers in a row, watering up to a 1m length either in a straight line or in a ring around a large plant. 

For these distribution drippers to work well you need adequate system pressure. When using 4 or 5 drippers supplied from a raised reservoir, ensure the outlet is at least 1m above the surface of the soil. It is possible to have the reservoir lower when using 2 or 3 distribution drippers, and a low number of Tropf-Blumat Sensors.

For an effective system, make sure the first dripper is 8cm away from the Tropf-Blumat Sensor, and subsequent drippers are 20cm apart. 

When watering large pots with the Tropf-Blumats, you can either use multiple sensors, or Blumat Distribution Drippers. Using more Tropf-Blumat sensors is more expensive and a bit more work as you have to dial in more sensors in each pot, but can give some growers peace of mind if they have experienced blockages with other drip systems (usually due to high water hardness). Using distribution drippers is less work and more cost effective. We recommend using distribution drippers, and we have drip kits for different pot sizes that can be found here.