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Kit: Tray + 1x3 Bed Kit
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The AutoPot Tray2Grow is a new, low-maintenance way to grow with living soil. By combining AutoPot’s sub-irrigation methodology with Grassroots Living Soil Beds we are effectively opening up all the benefits of AutoPot systems to living soil growers.

Offering a generous 90-litre capacity, the Grassroots Living Soil 1ft x 3ft bed sits on top of an AutoPot Tray2Grow capillary mat. Water is automatically drawn up from the tray into the soil through capillary action as and when it’s required. The Tray2Grow is connected to an external reservoir while multiple trays can be seamlessly connected together. Each system is ideal for a 60x120cm growing area.

This innovative irrigation solution is perfect for growers who want to reap the benefits of growing in an efficiently sized bed while benefiting from the convenience of an automatic watering system. The result provides consistent soil moisture leading to optimal microbial activity and nutrient assimilation. Ideal for gardeners new to living soil, or experienced growers looking to upgrade their setup.

Key Features

AutoPot Irrigation Technology: Watering is driven by the plants’ needs, eliminating the stress and risk of over or under-watering.

Fully Automated and Electricity-Free: Hands-off watering without relying on power.

Large 90-litre Grassroots Living Soil Bed: Complete with heavy-duty PVC pipework and the renowned ‘living soil liner’ to stop evaporation and retain soil moisture.

Incredible Versatility: Can also be used for seed trays, small pots, grow bags, and microgreens, surpassing all AutoPot products.

Tray2Grow comes equipped with three inset spirit levels to ensure everything is set up correctly. (It’s important to use these to ensure the tray is level for consistent and even automatic irrigation.)

Need Water Storage? Add an AutoPot FlexiTank Reservoir:

The AutoPot FlexiTank means we can finally wave goodbye to impractical and bulky rigid water butts and barrels. Whether you're tight on space or need a temporary water storage solution, the AutoPot FlexiTank has got your back. It folds away with ease when you don't need it, slipping into spaces where traditional tanks are unable to reach.

The AutoPot FlexiTank comes in a discreet and compact box. It requires no tools for assembly, reduces storage and shipping costs and takes minutes to assemble. It really couldn’t be simpler!

How it Works: Optimise the Tray2Grow System with Grassroots Living Soil Bed

Grassroots fabric growing beds are the perfect partner for living soil thanks to their unique MoistureLock™ Liner. This innovative feature is designed to keep peripheral soil areas moist and buzzing with microbial activity whereas standard fabric beds are prone to drying out at the sides. Dry soil conditions can significantly impede soil microbial life because, when soil starts to dry, the vital microbial communities it supports can become dormant or perish. Grassroots fabric growing beds are designed to keep living soil evenly moist, so all the organic nutrition is easily accessible to your plants.

MoistureLock™ Liners Explained: Your Microbiology's Best Friend

MoistureLock™ is basically a strip of BPA-free waterproof fabric sewn into the interior of the container. It brings myriad benefits to your gardening experience:

Guides Water Downward: This ingenious design helps prevent the formation of dry pockets in the soil.

Promotes Uniform Soil Moisture: Unlike regular fabric pots, MoistureLock™ counters side-drying, mimicking natural soil drying processes. This creates an ideal environment for microbiology to flourish.

Efficient Water Use: The liner reduces the soil's surface area exposed to air, meaning less water is needed and indoor humidity levels are better controlled.

Unique Design Features for the Tray2Grow

The Grassroots Living Soil 1’x 3’ Bed has been designed specifically for the AutoPot Tray2Grow System. Our years of growing experience with AutoPots has provided us with the insight to custom design the bed to ensure optimal operation.

Reduced Aeration Strip: To avoid excessive moisture loss and not impede capillary action we have reduced the aeration strip at the bottom.

Reduced Height: Capillary action is fighting gravity, so it can only draw water up the growing media to a limited height, we have reduced the height of the grassroots bed from 18” (46cm) to 14” (35cm) to accommodate.

Perfect Fit: To avoid the fabric bed overhanging the edges of the tray, we have made the bed the perfect length and width to fit the tray snugly.

Setting Up Your Living Soil Bed

The bed comes complete with pre-cut heavy-duty PVC pipe. Simply knock into the supplied corner fittings using a rubber mallet. Instructions are supplied. Bed assembly takes less than 5 minutes.

How the AutoPot AquaValve Works:

Gravity-Fed System: The AquaValve is designed to be used in a gravity-fed system, meaning it does not require electricity or pumps. It is connected to a reservoir of nutrient-rich water.

Pressure and Float Mechanism: The valve works using a combination of pressure and a float mechanism. When the water level in the growing tray drops, the float inside the AquaValve descends, opening the valve. This allows water from the reservoir to flow into the tray.

Self-Regulating: As the water fills the tray and reaches a pre-set level, the float within the AquaValve rises, closing the valve. This stops the flow of water into the tray. The set level is typically around 20mm, which is enough water to wet the whole capillary mat without leaving it submerged in water.

Passive Feeding: This system is a form of passive plant feeding, where the plants draw up water as needed through their roots. Once the water in the tray is used up by the plants, the float in the AquaValve drops again, opening the valve, and the cycle repeats. This ensures a consistent and controlled delivery of water.

Prevents Overwatering: By allowing the plants to use the soil moisture before refilling the tray, the AquaValve encourages the roots to grow down in search of moisture, fostering a strong and healthy root system. This cycle also ensures that water is not constantly at the bottom of the tray, preventing overwatering and associated issues like root rot.


Total Dimensions Including Bed:

  • Length: 112 cm

  • Width: 41 cm

  • Height: 39 cm

  • Weight: 10 kg


  • 1 x Tray2Grow Tray & Lid

  • 1 x AQUAvalve5

  • 2 x 9mm Grommet

  • 1M of 9mm Pipe

  • 16-9mm Click-Fit Filter

  • 1 x 9mm Golf Filter

  • 1 x 9mm in-line tap

  • 1 x 6mm Overflow Grommet

  • 3 x Circular Spirit Level

  • 1 x Capillary Matting

  • 1 x Root Control Sheet

NOTE - our Tray2Grow kit is for use with the Grassroots bed and is not supplied with unnecessary seed trays, copper tape or grow bag capillary spikes.