Blusoak Drip Tape 1m

Title: Blusoak Drip Tape 1m
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Blusoak Drip Tape is used on the surface of the soil to provide effective irrigation with an even distribution. Blusoak Drip Tape is a cost-effective component to extend the watering ability and distribution of each Tropf Blumat sensor.

Combining Tropf Blumat sensors with Blusoak Drip tape results in healthier, faster-growing plants while providing unparalleled water use efficiency, delivering water only when the plant requires it.

Blusoak saves time, water, and labour while increasing yields and plant health.

The Blusoak can irrigate all different types of crops with different types of water demands.  

Blusoak Drip Tape finds the perfect balance between high performance and low cost. 

Cut from a large roll, simply order how much you require in 1m increments and we will cut and supply in one length. 

How it Works

Blusoak is the perfect solution for bigger gardens with large canopy area that want to utilise Blumat technology.  Blusoak Drip Tape systems are ideal for living soil fabric beds, garden beds, and other large volumes of soil or growing media.

Due to its unique porous material, Blusoak drip tape emits water at an extremely slow pace along its entire surface through billions of micropores. By placing Blusoak on the ground alongside the plants, the drip tape slowly emits water into the soil that gradually is absorbed onto the root zone. Because moisture levels are kept at an optimal range, the microbial soil life is allowed to thrive creating healthy plant growth.  

Water leaks out of the tape at an extremely slow rate, enabling efficient deep-water penetration. This is ideal for raised beds, allowing the roots go deeper in the soil profile giving the plants access to soil nutrients usually below their reach. Irrigating with Blusoak can makes the plants stronger, more drought tolerant, and more productive.

How to Use

Blusoak drip tape must be used in a system with constant low pressure. The ideal pressure in the system is 0.5 bar. This is best achieved using mains water pressure, or by using the Blumat Pump Kit. Gravity driven Blusoak systems are possible if you can achieve 2m of head height.  

If using outdoors, it is best to use Blusoak directly from mains water pressure with a Blumat Pressure Reducer 0.5 bar 

If using Blusoak indoors, we recommend using with a Blumat Pump System. 

To connect The Blusoak to a Tropf Blumat sensor, you will need to use the Blusoak to Blumat 3mm Adaptor. The tape is easy to install, simply sliding over the barb of the fitting and the locking nut is then screwed tightly by hand. 

Typically, one end of the Blusoak is connected to a Tropf Blumat Sensor, and the other end is collected to a Tropf Blumat Maxi Sensor or Blusoak End stop. 

Installation is quick and easy, delivering higher performance irrigation at a cost-effective price point.