AutoPot FlexiTank

Size: 50L
Sale price£35.00

The AutoPot FlexiTank means we can finally wave goodbye to impractical and bulky rigid water butts and barrels. Whether you're tight on space or need a temporary water storage solution, the AutoPot FlexiTank has got your back. It folds away with ease when you don't need it, slipping into spaces where traditional tanks are unable to reach.

The AutoPot FlexiTank comes in a discreet and compact box. It requires no tools for assembly, reduces storage and shipping costs and takes minutes to assemble. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Ideal for use with the AutoPot Tray2Grow.

  FlexiTank 50L FlexiTank 100L FlexiTank 225L
Box size 52 x 16 x 13cm 74x18x13cm 80x18x13cm
Box weight 1.8kg 1.9kg 3kg
Dimensions when full 35cm W x 53cm H 43cm W x 75cm H 63.5 W x 81cm H