Blumat Easy

Blumat Easy is a handy plant watering device, ideal when you want to take a short holiday. Simply attach to any standard plastic bottle and allow the clay cone to slowly deliver water to the plant.

Size: Easy XL 2 Pack
Sale price£10.45

How it Works

The Blumat Easy is a bottle adapter that requires no power, electricity, batteries or any other accessories. This fully automated plant waterer delivers a constant, steady supply of water over time.

A simple irrigation system, the Blumat Easy is perfect for larger houseplants, plants on the balcony, fruiting or flowering plants in a greenhouse or grow room, or simply for thirsty plants in the garden.

The threaded adapter on the Blumat Easy fits almost all screw top plastic bottles from 500ml to 2 litres.

Blumat Easy emits 200ml of water over 24 hours from the porous clay cone to the soil. The Blumat Easy XL emits 300ml per 24 hours and is therefore suitable for large plants and thirsty vegetables such as tomatoes or cucumbers.

For extra-large plants with high water demand, you can use more than one Blumat Easy per plant.

How to Use

The adapter fits almost any standard plastic bottle from 0.5 - 2 litres. Do not use a bottle larger than 2 litres because it can fall over.

Water delivery Blumat Easy: 200ml / 24 hours
Water delivery Blumat Easy XL: 300ml / 24 hours